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2,5 dagers toppturkurs "Women´s only"

This winter we’re organizing multiple ski touring courser in the Sunnmøre Alps. This is the course for you who want to learn more about ski touring and moving in alpine terrain. Our instructors give you the basics to plan and realise beautiful tours in the winter mountains. The 2,5 days will be full packed with ski touring technics, tour planning and avalanche knowledge - and skiing. The first evening will be a short theory session, we’ll go through equipment and tour planning. Who’s this course for? This course is directed to skiers who don’t have so much experience with ski touring from before. With that we want to say that you don’t need any knowledge about ski touring from earlier, but you have to be able to ski or snowboard. Our goal is to adapt the course to our participants wishes and conditions. Goals with the course With this course we want to give our participants an introduction to ski touring and moving in alpine terrain so that it becomes both easier, funnier and safer to plan and realise own tours afterwards. We have a basic introduction to the equipment we’re going to use, advantages and disandvantages with different types of gear etc. In addition to this we’re of course going to focus on avalanches, companion rescue and how to use avalanche bulletins. Route finding both on the map and out on the tour is also an important subject during these days. We have two full days out in the mountains where the goal is to learn as much as possible. It’s not sure we’ll reach two summits during the course since there is a lot of discussion and learning during the tours.  Subjects during the course ●Ski touring technics, effective walking with climbing skins and “Kick-turns” ●Safe route finding on the way up ●Skiing technics in different types of snow ●Navigation with map and compass, but also how to use a GPS ●Safe route finding on the way down, where we’re stopping, how we’re skiing as a group etc. ●Companion rescue and how to use avalanche equipment Our instructors We’ve been working professionally with avalanche problems the last 7 years, through guiding, courses and ski patrol work. Our head instructor Oscar is an educated avalanche expert through CAA (Canadian Avalanche Association) and is still the only one in Norway who’s taken this education. All the other instructors are educated through SLAO (Svenska Liftars Arbetsorganisasjon), AAA (American Avalanche Association), CAA or Norsk Fjellsportforum, this gives you as a participant confidence in the level of the courses that we organize.  

5 day multi pitch course

5 day multi pitch course 

Art Nouveau Kayak - Ålesund

2,5 hour guided kayak trip in Brosundet - Ålesund. Here you will get some good stories about the town of Ålesund and a good time out on the water. 

Custom booking

Tailor made booking

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E-bike trip over Flofjellet

Stisykling over Flofjellet

European Cruise E-Bike

Eurpean Cruise E-bike tour , Ålesund city tour

Fjord Kayaking Hellesylt

Half day kayak trip from our base in Hellesylt

Freeskiing course

Want to become a better freerider? We teach you the techniques to succeed in powder! We also have a lot of learning about avalanches.

Freeskiing course Women only

Want to become a better freerider? We teach you the techniques to succeed in powder! We also have a lot of learning about avalanches.

Freeskiing Stranda Skiresort

We have experience with guiding and freeskiing in both Sweden and Norway since 2006. Our guides have spent many days on the skiresorts we guide on during the last 7 years and will find the best skiing for the day. A day with freeskiing is the perfect intro the first day at Stranda skiresort. Stranda skiresort is known as “powder paradise” and have been rated as Scandinavias best resort for offpiste-skiing. Our guides have skied in this resort for many years and are willing to show you some of the secret runs, this is a great way to see the skiresort. The skiresort have a really big geographic area to ski in, if you choose to ski with one of our guides you will be shown the best places. Stranda skiresort is belayed in the middle of the fjord norway area and are one of our countrys best places for freeskiing. You can read in skimagazines all over the world about the great skiing we offer here. Stranda is belayed just 70 km from the coast and that gives us an maritime climate with a thick snowpack and warm winters.

Freeskiing Stranda Skiresort PRIVATE GUIDE

private guide off piste

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Glaciertrip to Lodalskåpa

Lodalskåpa is called “The vestland queen” and are the highest summit on Jostedalsglacier. This is an spectactular and exciting trip, and will set some demands on the one who want to enter the summit. We pass over 3 glaciers before we start the last climb up against the summit. This trip is a classic in the area and something that everyone should experience, even if “bratta-bakken” with it´s 700 vertical meter in one uphill ara a little bit of a killer. During the last part upp against the summit we have the possibility to secure ourself with ropes if we think the scrambling are a little bit to demanding. A trip that got everything, many vertical meters, long strech, glaciers and easy scrambling and the feeling of standing on the roof of Norway. The trip starts down at the idyllic Bødalssetra, one of the most famous startpoints for trips on Jostedalsbreen. When we reach the summit we have a 360° view, were we look down towards Jostedal in Sogn, the crevasses in Småttene and the Jostedal glacier that reaches further west.  

Hiking Mt Saksa

This is one of our absolute favorite mountains in the area around Hjørundfjorden due several reasons. One of them is for sure the view from the top, you see all the way in to the end of Hjørundfjorden in one direction and out to Ålesund in the other. It´s also one of the summits in the area that have the best fjord panorama for sure.  We start our day in the small village Urke in the shoreline of Norangsfjorden, from where we are able to work our way up to the summit and get better, and better views during the day. The last part up to the top where earlier a bit scetchy with a lot of loose rocks, but last year a couple of sherpas from Nepal built a nice stairway with the existing rocks. This is one of our favourite hikes in the region and the hike that gives you the most spectacular fjord view in the region.  

Hiking Skåla

Mt Skåla is one of the most famous summits in Norway and more or less a “must” if you have been in this area.

Kayak & Hike

Around Stranda we have many old mountainfarms only accessible thru the fjord, either by boat or as we like - by kayak.  We start the day in Stranda were we go thru the safety around the kayaks and how to act if something goes wrong. Our kayaks is stable tandem kayaks that are stable and good to paddle. We meet up in the small harbour in Stranda and start our trip in the fjord from here. This is the start of what further in will be the Geiranger fjord. We paddle along the steep sides of the fjord shaped by the glaciers during the iceage.

Kayak & Hike Ålesund

Kayak to Hessa and hike to the summit of Mt Sukkertoppen. 

Kayak Ålesund roundtrip

Explore the small archipelago south of the island Ellingsøya, where we cruise around the small islands. When we have escaped the city of Ålesund we´ll find a great spot for a lunch. On our way back towards Ålesund and Brosundet we paddle through the narrow sound Nørvasundet.  

Kayaking Hjørundfjorden

Kayak trip in Hjørundfjorden

Northern light snowshoe hike

Snowshoes is one of the best way to move in the snow if your not steady on a pair of skis, we use to say – if you can walk you will be able to use a pair of snowshoes. On this trip we get out in the dark to hunt for the northern lights and spectacular fjord views. We us some really strong headlamps to be able to light up our way.  This is for sure something spesial and a unique experience that everyone should get the chance to try out. These trips starts at our office in Stranda where you get equiped with the headlamps and a short introduction to our trip. We take a short drive up to where we start on snow and make our way in to the dark night in the light from our headlamps. With the right conditions there´s good chances for northern lights on this tour, and there´s nothing that beet´s that – snowshoeing and northern lights.  

Road Biking Keadventure

Road Biking Keadventure

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Ski touring week - Stranda

Would you like to do some ski touring but are not familiar with the area? Do you dream about skiing down from Mt Slogen? Then you should join us for a ski touring week in Stranda. Here we have put together a great package for the dedicated skier keen to explore the Norwegian fjord region on a pair of skis.  The Sunnmøre alps is famous for its alpine and jagged peaks in combination with fjord view. The mountains are about 1,500 m high and if we are lucky with the conditions we have the opportunities to ski all the way down to the fjord. Many first ascents in the area are made by famous British mountaineers like Wiliam Cecil Slingsby and Charles Watson Patchell around 1900. They came back year after year and has set a clear mark on the area. Patchell had also set up Patchell-hut at the foot of Slogen and Slingsby got his own climbing route(Slingsby-route) up from Villa Norangdal to the top of Kvitegga. STRANDA LODGE Our lodge is a place where you can find pleasant accommodation with great views. A perfect accommodation, beds up to 8 persons for whoever wants to explore the fjords and mountains in summer and winter. We use the lodge as a base throughout the week and staying here with self catering. If you are a larger group, it is possible to book catering too. Stranda is a great starting place for ski touring in this area, and has also only an hour’s drive from Ørsta/Volda, Geiranger, Stryn, Stordal, Hjørundfjord and Hornindal.

Snowshoe hike - Lievarden

On this 4 hour hike you will reach the iconic viewpoint Lievarden, according to us one of the best spots to overlook the fjord around here. During the hike up towards the top of Lievarden we overlook Storfjorden which ends up in Geirangerfjorden and the towering snow covered mountains around us. We meet up at our guide office where you get kitted up with snowshoes and poles that you need for the trip. After that we take a short drive up to the starting point of this trip. On this trip we are likely to see some wildlife like rabbits, deers and grouses which are often hiding out around here. Our snowshoes will give us the feeling of floating on the snow and gives us a great stability to conquer the snow filled mountains around Stranda. They also works really good on icy snow and gives us a great grip on hard conditions. When we reach the top of Lievarden the reward will be a truly unique and spectacular view over the fjord, Stranda and the surrounding mountains. From here we can also see towards Jostedalsbreen, land Europe´s biggest glacier. Here we take a brake for some lunch and to enjoy the views before we head back down again.

Toppturkurs 2,5 dag

HVEM PASSER KURSET FOR?  Det her kurset er retta mot skikjørere som ikke har så mye erfaring fra topptur fra før. Med det vil vi si at dere ikke trenger noen forkunskaper om topptur fra før, men det er en forutsetning at dere har kjørt på alpint/telemark eller brett fra før. Vår målsetning er alltid å tilpasse kurset etter våre deltakeres ønsker og forutsetninger. MÅLET MED KURSET Med dette kurset vil vi gi våre deltakere en innføring i topptur og alpin skiferdsel slik at det blir både lettere, morsommere og sikrere å planlegge og gjennomføre egne turer senere. Vi har en grunnleggende innføring i utstyret vi bruker, fordeler og ulemper med ulike typer utstyr m.m. I tillegg blir det selvsagt fokus på skred, kameratredning og å lære seg å bruke skredvarsel. Veivalg både på kartet og ute på tur er også et viktig tema i løpet av disse dagene. Vi har to hele dager ute på tur på fjellet der målet er å lære så mye som mulig. Det er ikke sikkert at vi rekker å ta oss opp på to stk topper disse dagene ettersom det er mye diskusjon og læring underveis. TEMAER I LØPET AV KURS Toppturteknikker, effektiv gåing med feller og «kickturns» Sikre veivalg på vei oppover Kjøreteknikker ved ulike forhold Navigering med kart og kompass, men også bruk av GPS Sikre veivalg på vei utfor, hvor skal vi stoppe, hvordan kjører vi som gruppe etc. Kameratredning og sikker bruk av skredutstyr

Winter kayaking Ålesund

2,5 hour guided kayak trip in Brosundet - Ålesund. Here you will get some good stories about the town of Ålesund and a good time out on the water.