2,5 dagers toppturkurs "Women´s only" - Uteguiden AS

2,5 dagers toppturkurs "Women´s only"

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This winter we’re organizing multiple ski touring courser in the Sunnmøre Alps. This is the course for you who want to learn more about ski touring and moving in alpine terrain. Our instructors give you the basics to plan and realise beautiful tours in the winter mountains. The 2,5 days will be full packed with ski touring technics, tour planning and avalanche knowledge - and skiing.

The first evening will be a short theory session, we’ll go through equipment and tour planning.

Who’s this course for?

This course is directed to skiers who don’t have so much experience with ski touring from before. With that we want to say that you don’t need any knowledge about ski touring from earlier, but you have to be able to ski or snowboard. Our goal is to adapt the course to our participants wishes and conditions.

Goals with the course

With this course we want to give our participants an introduction to ski touring and moving in alpine terrain so that it becomes both easier, funnier and safer to plan and realise own tours afterwards. We have a basic introduction to the equipment we’re going to use, advantages and disandvantages with different types of gear etc. In addition to this we’re of course going to focus on avalanches, companion rescue and how to use avalanche bulletins.

Route finding both on the map and out on the tour is also an important subject during these days.

We have two full days out in the mountains where the goal is to learn as much as possible. It’s not sure we’ll reach two summits during the course since there is a lot of discussion and learning during the tours. 

Subjects during the course

●Ski touring technics, effective walking with climbing skins and “Kick-turns”

●Safe route finding on the way up

●Skiing technics in different types of snow

●Navigation with map and compass, but also how to use a GPS

●Safe route finding on the way down, where we’re stopping, how we’re skiing as a group etc.

●Companion rescue and how to use avalanche equipment

Our instructors

We’ve been working professionally with avalanche problems the last 7 years, through guiding, courses and ski patrol work. Our head instructor Oscar is an educated avalanche expert through CAA (Canadian Avalanche Association) and is still the only one in Norway who’s taken this education. All the other instructors are educated through SLAO (Svenska Liftars Arbetsorganisasjon), AAA (American Avalanche Association), CAA or Norsk Fjellsportforum, this gives you as a participant confidence in the level of the courses that we organize.


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