Hjørundfjorden Haute Route - Uteguiden AS

Hjørundfjorden Haute Route

7 days ski touring adventure between fjords and peaks – around the Sunnmøre alps fjord nr 1: Hjørundfjorden. The trip goes around the heart of Sunnmøre and could be compared with Haute Route. The mountains aroung Hjørundfjorden are as wild as the ones in the alps - but instead of headache from altitude and crowding in the alps, we offer you fresh sea air, fjordviews and untracked snow!

Hjørundfjorden is 33 km long and surrounded by sharp peaks and well known ski touring mountains around 1500 masl on each side. During a week we travel around the fjord – over peaks and down in valleys – every day close to the fjord. We will ski both classic runs and more unknown summits, therefor even thoose who have been in the area have the possibilities to get som new runs. The exact route depends on the weather and snowconditions. Some days we’re going to run short distances by a car or a boat. 


Around Hjørundfjorden there are many of special accomodations , some of them we use along the way. We don´t carry with us more than we need during 1 day out. This will get our backpacks lighter so that they do not hinder the great skiing! This mountains are our “home-mountains” in Uteguiden. That´s your guarantee of the finest runs! Our tours contains the experience , safety and learning during the week. We are confident that this particular trip whets your appetite at Sunnmøre! Hjørundfjorden around is unique as the only round trip skiing in Norway.


  1. Hundeidvik