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2 dagers skredkurs

Our popular 2 day avalanche course is back! This is the course for you who ride in steep terrain during winter and want to learn more about avalanches.

We’re focusing on route finding, moving in avalanche terrain, finding and interpreting information about the avalanche danger and we will train with avalanche beacons, probe and shovel. We’ll also train on evaluation of the snow stability and how me make our own evaluations of the avalanche danger based on observations and available information. This avalanche course is lift based with skiing from the ski resort in combination with shorter tours. We practise route finding and evaluate the avalanche danger both on the way up and down. The best is to enrol the whole gang who’s usually out on tours together, then you all will get exercise also after finishing the course.


Our instructors

We’ve been working professionally with avalanche problems the last 7 years, through guiding, courses and ski patrol work. Our head instructor Oscar is an educated avalanche expert through CAA (Canadian Avalanche Association) and is still the only one in Norway who’s taken this education. All the other instructors are educated through SLAO (Svenska liftars arbetsorganisasjon), AAA (American Avalanche Association), CAA or Norsk Fjellsportforum, this gives you as a participant confidence in the level of the courses that we organize.

Location for the course

We arrange the courses with start at Stranda skisenter and the area around, but can also arrange it on other locations after requests. Other locations we’ve been holding courser are for example Stryn, Hornindal and Hemsedal.


  1. Stranda kommun